Shaina Hammerman & Modern Jewish Weddings

Designer, Developer

Challenge: Design and build a responsive website that runs on Wordpress.

Process: Shaina Hammerman came to me wanting a site for her growing business: as a PhD in Jewish Studies, she lectures and teaches on a variety of topics. Her expertise also makes her a great wedding officiant, but this posed a Google quandary: academics would not be looking for a wedding services site, and vice-versa. We opted to develop two sister sites, sharing a look and feel but each appealing to their own audience.

Wanting to take advantage of the Bootstrap framework for both design flexibility and the responsive code base, yet needing to run the site on Wordpress for blogging and easy content updates, I created a Wordpress child theme that is basically PHP content retrievals wrapped in a Bootstrap layout. It may not be the most elegant fix, but it allows Shaina to add and edit content without needing to touch the code. See them live: Shaina Hammerman | Modern Jewish Weddings

Capabilities: Web design, Bootstrap and Wordpress development.

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