Motion Graphics Reel

Designer, Illustrator, Motionographer

Highlights from recent motion graphics and animation projects. I have a strong interest in educational content, and my style tends toward 2D vector illustration.

Capabilities: Illustration, motion graphics production.

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Motion Reel
My life's work, in 120 seconds.

Turner Digital
High-energy, animated annual report.

ICAT Epicenter
An online quote tool gets a refresh.

Shaina Hammerman
Sister sites, running off Wordpress.

Accu-Chek UI/UX Launch
Introducing a new look.

ICAT Branding
Brand model and visual identity.

Studio One Dance Theatre
Print design with a heart.

The Theory of Relativity
Now with very little math!

Accu-Chek Connect
Responsive, localized product launch package.

Becky & Harry Get Weddinged
Yeah, I branded my wedding.